Eight Rare Pictures of Tila Tequila

Random Stuff Online | This picture shows Tila Tequila with platinum blonde fairy hair
Tila Tequila with fairy hair

Multifacetedness is fascinating: I found eight rare pictures of Tila Tequila which display hers.

When I set up the project RandomStuff.online I had the intention to “recycle” all sorts of texts and articles, my colleagues and I wrote and which are not published or part of active projects anymore. I see a lot of blog projects which were started with great enthusiasm, out of curiosity or in order to have a platform to speak one’s mind, but aren’t active anymore. I don’t like seeing these kind of “dying” social media channels and blog projects and so I asked a few colleagues, friends and aquaintances of mine if they wanted to contribute to RandomStuff.online; It would be without any pressure of having to submit content regularly and no stress with the need to “satisfy readers” regularly.

One of the contributors is called Nina and while optimizing her imported articles one person she wrote about caught my attention:

Ever heard of Tila Tequila?


Yes, I know. It’s a quite interesting name. I googled her and it turns out that it is a nickname, her fellow students gave her back in high school, since she couldn’t handle drinking alcohol. I love, that this is actually some kind of negative thing which gave her a nickname. 🙂

Her real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen and she is of Vietnamese origin, born in Singapore. Her parents and she came to the U. S. when she was one year old. She became famous as the “Social Media” queen, because she was the person with the most friends on social networking site “Myspace” which back then was what Facebook, Twitter and co are nowadays. She worked as a model, musician, book author and appeared in TV-shows and movies.

Multifacetedness: Eight Rare Pictures of Tila Tequila

From the short research I did in advance of this blog posts I am not quite sure, what her marketing strategy is or if there’s even one existing. One thing caught my eye: No matter, which strategy she might follow up, one thing is always working to get attention: Being beautiful. And in my opinion that’s something she mastered. Here are some pictures I found online, which show her many faces. Enjoy these rare pictures of Tila Tequila. 🙂

1. Beautiful, even with very little make Up


One of eight rare pictures of Tila Tequila: Here without Make Up
One of eight rare pictures of Tila Tequila: Tila without Make Up


2. Girl next door

No explanation needed.

Tila Tequila: The girl next door
Tila Tequila: The girl next door

3. Platinum Blonde Fairy Hair

I know how difficult it is, to get your hair into this colour and then maintain it. Asian hair is more difficult to bleach than European hair, too, so kudos to her: This hair makes her look like a fairy 🙂



4. Tila Tequila wearing Suspenders

Have you ever seen someone from Hollywood wearing suspenders? Or is this a leather backpack? No matter what, I like her breaking the common fashion rules.

Tila Tequila wearing Suspenders
Tila Tequila wearing Suspenders


5. Tila Tequila Glamourous

Sticking to the “Hollywood-Rules” and looking glamourous also suits her well.


Tila Tequila Glamourous
Tila Tequila Glamourous


6. Mysterious

Only while writing this blog post I realize, how multifaceted this woman is.

Tila Tequila Mysterious
Tila Tequila Mysterious

7. Tila Tequila and the Pregnancy Glow

Do you realize how women change, when they are expecting a baby? The so-called “pregnancy glow” is really real here.

Tila Tequila and the Pregnancy Glow
Tila Tequila and the Pregnancy Glow


8. Tila Tequila and Isabella

One can only imagine what her precious daughter Isabella will look like.


Tila Tequila and Isabella
Tila Tequila and Isabella


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