LeafyIsHere comments hilariously on Tila Tequila, “The Goddess”

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LeafyIsHere made a video about Tila Tequila, "The Goddess"
Youtuber LeafyIsHere
Youtuber LeafyIsHere

Back in January 2016 the Youtuber LeafyIsHere, who has more than 3 million subscribers, posted a video about Tila Tequila. In his video he comments on her weird behaviour she displays in videos and on twitter.

Tila’s video, he is commenting on, is about her life experience and the stuff she thinks that happens in afterlife. Since Tila Tequila has been in the entertainment industry a long time, you can imagine, that she’s making her videos very entertaining.

Among other things LeafyIsHere, whose real name is Calvin, says, that Tila posts the “most bizarre shit”. Showing cleavage is also a major thing in the video.


LeafyIsHere: “That makes total sense”

It is hard to describe the content of the video. You better watch it yourself since it speaks for itself 🙂 Dive into the story of Tila having died seven times, her bringing portals back from death when being reborn and language “deducting everything”:

Have fun 🙂

A week later Leafy made another video on Ms Thien Nguyen, which is Tila Tequila’s real name:

And one day later they ended up on Drama Alert:


Great entertainment!

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