Paris Hilton appears in weird video about the invention “Nano Drop”

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Paris Hilton appears in hilarious video about "Nano Drop"

When I recently surfed on Youtube a video ad was played before a video. I normally skip them as soon as possible, but this one made me speechless. This video is something I’ve never seen before: The vibes were so, SO, SOOO!!! uncommon. I wasn’t sure if the actress was joking or if this was an old ad or if I clicked on the wrong video and also if I might have ended at the weird part of the internet again.

Paris Hilton invented Nano Drop

Well. The video is about Paris Hilton and Nano Drop, a product she invented. It is a drink, 5,000 times more hydrating than water. At the end she apologizes that Nano Drop was a scam and forced an eastern European taxi driver to apologize.

Then she drinks sparkling water with him, made with “Soda Stream”. Soda Stream makes it unnecessary to carry water bottles to your home because it makes the water sparkle and so prevents the sea from unnecessary pollution through water bottles.


But it was SO weird. I needed a very long time to figure out that she was sarcastic and self ironic in her own way and that she apparently advertised the Soda Stream product. I’ve never seen anything like this. This is so unique.

I also wondered, if this was an old video, because she looks exactly the same when she was THE it-girl in 2003. She really takes care of herself very well.

The video was published on the 31st of April 2017 and obviously was used as an april’s joke. I really like that sense of humor, self irony and sarcasm. Lol. I got the message about our “cute” planet earth now and I’d buy Nano Drop as well as Soda Stream. *sips on glass of sparkling water

Watch the video here:

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